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Employee Benefits – What is Required?

This article discusses employee benefits for private employers, meaning companies that operate separately from the government, including privately owned and publicly traded companies.  Employees who work for  federal, state and local government are governed by a separate and sometimes differing set of workplace rules. Are employers required to provide vacation days or paid time off? …

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Who Owns Intellectual Property – Employee or Employer?


When an employee leaves your company, it’s important to know who is the owner of any intellectual property that employee created while working for you. The general rule is that an individual owns the rights to anything they have created, regardless of whether they were employed by someone else at the time. There are however, two …

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Choosing Your Business Entity

There are 4 main types of legal entities with benefits and drawbacks to each: 1. Sole Proprietorship 2. General Partnership 3. Corporation 4. Limited Liability Company In this post, we will briefly outline the basics and discuss considerations for each of these types below. Sole Proprietorship 1. Basics:  You and your business are one and …

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