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Who Owns Intellectual Property – Employee or Employer?


When an employee leaves your company, it’s important to know who is the owner of any intellectual property that employee created while working for you. The general rule is that an individual owns the rights to anything they have created, regardless of whether they were employed by someone else at the time. There are however, two …

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Protecting Your Trade Secrets When Working With Third Parties

A common concern when starting a new business is how to protect your trade secrets. Maybe you have come up with a great business concept or developed a fantastic new product or service. How do you make sure the people you’re dealing with don’t steal your product or copy your idea? The Uniform Trade Secrets …

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Contract Basics – A Common Sense Guide for Business Owners

Having a basic understanding of contracts law will help you to negotiate your contract more effectively, whether you’re signing a contract for janitorial services for your company or agreeing to use a third party vendor to sell your services.  For transactions of even moderate complexity, it is highly recommended that you consult with a legal …

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